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MRC-PRO550 Intercom

PRICE: Call for current pricing.
- 2-4 place single radio intercom
- Cell phone port with audio adjustment
- Positive-lock connectors
- High Volume 12dB setting
- MUSIC IN with auto-mute
- RECORD OUT for in-car cameras
- Individually shielded "twisted pair" RF resistant cables
- Easy to expand with optional adaptors
- Handheld radio compatibility

Powerful clear communications, rugged off-road construction, and absolutely the easiest intercom installation ever! The MRC-PRO550 Intercom provides communication for high noise environments such as off-road racing, rally racing, sand sports, and more. Versatile and flexible, MRC's intercom design connects Driver, Co-Driver and two crew positions to a radio and cell phone instantly.

Radio connection with audio adjustment is transformer based for compatibility with most major brands of headsets, helmets, handhelds, mobile radios, or any combination or microphone.

Setup is Simple
MRC's components provide a highly flexible intercom system that can be easily expanded or modified for additional positions or remote push-to-talk. They are pre-wired and pre-assembled to eliminate tedious soldering and they feature positive lock connectors to link headsets, helmets, and radios instantly.

Rugged Construction
Designed for the extreme conditions a race vehicle encounters, the MRC-PRO550 features a solid extruded aluminum framework to dramatically reduce RF interference, thermoplastic elastomer gaskets to seal out moisture and dust, and easy-attach U-bracket mounting, ceramic hybrid IC chips and streamlined circuitry for the highest level of audio performance, rugged cables with durable KevlarŪ reinforced copper wiring, with individually shielded twisted-pair construction to reduce squealing and RF interference.

13-Step Microphone Sensitivity Settings
MRC's exclusive design provides a broad range of settings for optimum reception for all electret and dynamic microphones and compatibility with amplified, non-amplified, military impedance and throat microphones.

High Volume Setting
The MRC-PRO550 has a special 12dB high volume setting for extreme noise conditions.

Additional Features
Single radio monitor and transmit, cell phone connection with settings for all position or Co-driver Isolate, Co-driver priority push-to-talk, adjustable squelch control, power transmit LED with 'stuck-mic' indicator, Audio IN with auto muting and Record OUT.

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